SKU: Incantation

A small dolls house decorated to resemble an old haunted house is seen standing on top of a thin table in the middle of the stage. The magician offers to tell the audience a "Ghost Story" and removes the front wall of the house to reveal a book inside (and nothing else). 

As the story progress's items from the tale appear inside the previously empty house (candlesticks, books etc.) culminating in the production of a wine bottle & empy glass. This time the magician leaves the front of the house open and the audience see the bottle & glass float as the spirits pour themselves a drink. The magician closes the front of the house and immediately removes the roof as out steps an assistant who is considerably BIGGER than the house! 

A stunning illusion that can either be presented as a magical effect or lengthened to create a more traditional "spirit cabinet" routine (ropes tie & untie in the house for example). Can be worked completely surrounded and uses no mirrors, steps or wedges. A deliberately crafted optical illusion makes the inside of the house seem bigger than the outside whilst the entire house seems so small its inconceivable that anyone could ever fit within it.

You can download the complete, detailed, plans for this illusion for just £49.99 - these aren't your usual "magic plans" drawn 30 years ago and missing lots of important information but rather full colour, 17 page, workshop-ready, fully annotated plans that you can hand straight to any craftsman for them to build without any specialist magic knowledge needed. Get your hands on this baffling new illusion now 


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