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This isn't your grandfather's floating ball - first developed in 1998 for a pop-concert arena tour ORB is the modern twist on this classic illusion - a floating ball of pure light!

Measuring 30cm (12inch) diameter ORB visible on the biggest stage and makes the classic floating ball effect even more deceptive thanks to its high power, internal light source eliminating the need for complicated theatrical lighting to highlight the ball (that also highlights the thread!) making it the fastest and most practical floating ball for the touring, real-world working performer to set up. The internal light source creates a unique smooth and even glow but best of all you can change the colour of the light at any time - EVEN WHILST FLOATING using the wireless remote control; There are 16 colours to select plus the ability to scroll gradually through all the colours in a swirling rainbow pattern and you can even adjust the brightness; imagine the possibilities in your floating ball routine.

ORB has been tested with every major thread-based floating ball hook-up (Abbott's, Okito, Don Wayne, deMatos, d'Hotel) and is also provided with Thomas's top-secret hook up system designed for performers working large stages & arena's who want to send the ball floating higher and further than traditional hook-up systems allow. The strong ABS plastic ball is designed to survive the knocks-and-bumps of touring life, comes complete with charger (110-240v), remote control and a 200m spool of Thomas's special floating ball thread - HALF the diameter of every other "floating ball thread" on the market and absolutely perfect for creating spectacular ORB performances as well as all the clips, unique smooth-running eyelets and hardware you need to install this illusion in your show.

ORB comes complete with a flight-case to transport the entire rig and ensure this spectacular illusion is a practical and dependable addition to your show.

ORB has been Thomas's top-secret weapon added to shows all over the world for the past 20 years, now here is your opportunity to add this unique and spectacular illusion to your show with the complete kit containing everything you need available to order now for just £478 (including shipping anywhere in the world) but hurry because supplies are strictly limited and once they're gone.... 

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