A large, traditional looking hand bell

The Bell!

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This isn’t your gradaddy’s Spirit Bell!
Designed for stage performers The Bell is the ultimate practical spirit bell prop - standing just over 30cm tall, spun from gleaming brass and with a French Oak handle

it can be seen clearly on the largest of stage yet also looks completely innocent and un-gimmicked from every angle. Whenever the magician wants he can make the bell ring, from a single “ding” to a cavalcade of manic chiming - a loud clear tuned bell that will need no amplification…. The spirits are definitely here!

It has Haptic Feedback - that's a fancy way of saying we’ve added a little something extra to the bell so that it can be SEEN & FELT ringing. Hang the bell from a length of cord and it will visibly shake when it rings. Get a spectator to firmly hold the bell by the handle and they will FEEL the spirits take hold of their hand and shake it to make the bell ring - add a whole knew dimension to your Spirit Cabinet or Hypnosis routines with this innocent looking, incredibly powerful magic prop.
Wireless controlled, ultra long life rechargeable battery, all sealed inside a beautiful hand crafted Brass & Wood bell.

Dimension (L x W x H) 35 x 20 x 20 Centimetre
Weight 1 Kilogram