I LOVED Franz Harary's illusion "The Janet Box" - it was such a brilliant idea but it suffered from one weekness; too many moves. The whole idea of putting a girl in a box, then moving the box in to a position that actually made it more difficult to insert the blades slowed the effect down and telegraphed to the audience that this was when "something" was happening. I felt that if I could eliminate these moves it would lift the effect to an even higherlevel and improve the performance flow. It took many years of thinking, designing and developing but eventually I came up with cascade; eliminating the double-handling, getting rid of the Pedistal/base (thus dramatically improving the performance flexibility) and finally adding some much needed curves to the cut-up visual. Nervously I compiled all my designs, notes and ideas and sent them to Franz. His response was better than I could possibly have wished for giving me his blessing for the effect and closing with the ultimate blessing "...I really wish i'd thought of it!"



The new illusion that's set to take the magic world by storm - Developed with permission from an original illusion by Franz Harary CASCADE is the most flexible, original assistant slicer in the universe! Your assistant enters a tall slender cabinet just big enough to hold her and is sealed inside. With her hands and feet in full view the magician dissects the box from every conceivable angle with 12 razor-sharp blades creating separate boxes (just 22 cm / 8inches in size). Her hands and feet still in view the magician grabs the top of the stack of boxes and pulls it until the whole stack of boxes has cascaded out to form an arc of seven zigzagged pieces which can be freely spun around to show there’s absolutely nowhere to hide! The stack is re-formed, the blades removed and your assistant released unharmed.

With NO mirrors, base’s, columns, steps or trapdoors this is a 100% angle proof illusion that will devastate your audience! 100% aluminium construction, tough Powder-Coat paint finish and fully customisable graphics this is an essential illusion for any serious working illusionist.

Supplied complete with shipping crate (approx 600x800x1000mm) and full performance rights whilst shipping weight is just 90kg!

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