The NEW illusion

Many years ago I was developing and adapting the ideas that would eventually become my illusion CASCADE, like all my designs the prop went through multiple revisions and styles until I ended up with the tall version you can see in the portfolio section of my website. Recently I revisited my design notes and came across a compact version of the effect that I had originally discarded (because i wanted CASCADE to be a mega illusion) and realised that it contained the gem of a brilliant, practical illusion. After spending over 100 hours refining the idea and incorporating a great new base design (utilising a very clever principle) I developed this early prototype idea into a completely new, stand-alone illusion… with a heck of a twist.

That illusion is ARK

It’s a truly practical, self-contained, completely angle-proof cabaret illusion in the style (I flatter myself by saying) I would hope is reminiscent of the great designs of Robert Harbin – a simple logical prop that does something impossible… twice.

The performer wheels on a small low table that is only a few inches thick (it really is!) with a box just 80x80cm sitting on top and shows it on all sides. Opening the door on the side his assistant climbs in to the box with a hand and foot (not mechanical) sticking out through holes in the front to prove she’s still inside. Using 8 giant blades the box is dissected in to 5 sections (each just a few inches thick) then the centre box is lifted upwards causing the boxes to zig-zag out in to an arc shape with spotlights clearly illuminating the gaps in between to prove there’s absolutely no-where to hide!

After spinning the prop around to show it from every possible angle the magician slides the sections back together to form one box and removes the blades before opening the door to release his first assistant unharmed…. Before producing a SECOND assistant from the tiny box; after all an ARK has 2 of everything in it!

It really is that clean and simple – there are no mirrors, no steps or boxes added or taken away and it can be performed completely surrounded.

Inspiration – This effect was created during the development of CASCADE so kudos to Franz for starting me on the journey & everyone who brought that illusion, aesthetically there’s similarities to Jim Steinmeyer’ s “Girl in Puzzle” illusion, Mark Parker’s "Reducer" illusion proved to me that 2 girls from a tiny box works as a viable story concept & Gerry Frenette / Frédéric Clément for inspiring me to look back at my old designs.

Ark_1.jpg Ark_2.jpg Ark_3.jpg Ark_4.jpg Ark_5.jpg


Ark is one of the illusion plans featured in my book Confictura

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