the Thomas RigYou've seen it on TV, it is causing a sensation all around the world, it's the utility that stage magicians have been begging us to release - now here it is in strictly limited quantity; the invisible thread system designed for stage performers who want something spectacular! Float objects up to 2kg in weight effortlessly and with an unparalleled range of motion and NO ASSISTANTS.
This is the top secret technology used to make our ORB float, combining cutting edge thread technology (it's the thinnest stage invisible thread on the market today at just 0.09mm) with on a 300m spool and our unique thread-guide units which help prolong the life of your thread and make your movements ultra-smooth eliminating the common problems other synthetic thread systems suffer from.
All this plus the finger gimmicks and details of the special rig system that Thomas has refined over almost 20 years of shows to help you create your own magical floating moments of wonder, packed in a special tube that you can also use to store and transport the rig between performances for just £55.00 including shipping anywhere in the world.
Small Print - This is a thread levitation rig for professional stage magicians working in performance venues, not close-up magicians on the move, we supply you with all the gimmicks, technology and methodology you need to make objects up to 2Kg float; you will have to supply your own object and routine because it is important that you find an object and performance that suits your style. We will be happy to provide support and assistance to customers to help incorporate this concept in to your show
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