The Arena Edition of our ARK illusion is the top specification version of our iconic illusion. Designed for performers who demand only the best the Arena Edition is the motorized advance version of ARK that really makes an impact. Powered by batteries the opening and closing of ARK is completely automatic (triggered either by the assistant inside or by wireless remote control) making an eye catching visual of impossible magic.

The box is shown empty as one assistant climbs inside. The box is bisected with 8 huge steel blades and then with a magical gesture zig-zags open into that iconic shape that proves your assistant has been sliced in to many pieces. Another gesture as the box automatically re-forms, you remove the blades and then TWO assistants step out of a box that's barely big enough to hold just one!

Check out this video of ARK opening automatically.



Shipping dimensions - 100x145x65cm @ 85kg

Power - 12v Battery

Control - 433mHz Wireless control

Load Space - Double assistant production requires assistant who can fit within 200mm deep load space. Single assistant production requires assistant who can fit within 250mm deep load space.

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