How we can help

Obviously our own workshops are closed at the moment (and you can’t begin to imagine how frustrating it is for our whole team to not be able to make and do things – it’s what we love!) but there is one thing we can do and that is talk and help. One of the most common services we provide (aside from physically making weird and fantastic props) is discussion, creativity, ideas and tips for performers to help make their show even better. From polishing up the details in an existing routine to creating complete new scripts, solving technical / presentational issues or even brainstorming to create a completely new miracle, it’s a process that everyone benefits from  (in the last couple of years it’s something we’ve done for everyone from Derren Brown to Cirque du Soleil, West end productions to Netflix TV specials, a couple of Vegas Headliners and a Global pop superstar) and is something we have always charged for in the past.  There has been so much help and support online for close up magicians recently but we realised that there has been almost nothing for the uniquely different needs of Stage magicians and we want to do something about that – we want to reach out to every stage magician on the planet and offer our “consulting notes” service to you COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE. We want to help our magic friends use this downtime to polish, improve and embellish your performances so that when the shows restart you can all burst back on to the stage having grown and improved your performances.

There’s no catch – we will be providing the full notes / consultancy service we would normally provide (minus actually physically making anything or flying out to see your show in person - obviously)  and absolutely anything we design / advise / write / suggest to you can be used BY YOU in your show without any further royalties or permissions from us – we just want to help make stage magic even better.
Please get in touch with us – there’s never been a better time to discuss your craziest idea, your wildest dream or your niggling irritation about that one bit of your show that doesn’t seem to click; we would LOVE to help you! This isn’t a backdoor to get you to buy from us, we won’t be harvesting your data, there is no catch; we genuinely want to have as many different and creative conversations with our stage magic brothers and sisters as we can to help us all get through the next few months.

So what are you waiting for – drop us an email at and together lets make something amazing!

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