A range of instant-download products you can purchase quickly and easily from our website. Each one comes with full rights to build and perform the illusion as long as you purchase (and retain) the plans - if you want to build multiple copies of any prop or manufacture them for others then simply purchase additional licenses for each one you make.

The classic paradox but in a box = Parabox. Your assistant enters a small box only just big enough to hold them, then the box is filled with another box, spears and finally opened up completely to show there’s nothing inside - no two objects can occupy the same space!

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A small dolls house decorated to resemble an old haunted house is seen standing on top of a thin table in the middle of the stage. The magician offers to tell the audience a "Ghost Story" and removes the front wall of the house to reveal a book inside (and nothing else). 

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A practical, portable, angle-proof illusion designed for the most demanding performance environments yet remaining devastatingly deceptive.

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You know what a huge fan I am of Walter Jeans "Million Dollar Mystery" but it's always been a problem that it's really not suitable for touring or real-world performers due to the backdrops and huge size of the prop - not any more!Some time ago I developed "The 99c mystery" a more practical and workable version of his classic effect but now I've gone one further!

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