The classic paradox but in a box = Parabox. Your assistant enters a small box only just big enough to hold them, then the box is filled with another box, spears and finally opened up completely to show there’s nothing inside - no two objects can occupy the same space!


Utilising a principle I have been refining for 20 years and endlessly refined and improved using the latest state of the art 3D design technology to make the design as practical, portable and deceptive as possible. Designed to fit within the "Harbin style" of wheel-on-and-perform compact illusions it is designed to be practical and deceptive everywhere from a tiny cabaret stage to the biggest theatre - there's no black-art, mirrors, trapdoors, special lighting or deceptive steps to worry about and the entire illusion has been designed to fit in the back of a car and wheel through a normal doorway.


You can download the complete, detailed, plans for this illusion for just £49.99 - these aren't your usual "magic plans" drawn 30 years ago and missing lots of important information but rather full colour, 10 page, workshop-ready, fully annotated plans that you can hand straight to any craftsman for them to build without any specialist magic knowledge needed. Get your hands on this baffling new illusion now 


If you have already purchased our hugely successful book Confictura then you can download the plans for Parabox for FREE - just log in to the exclusive members-only zone and download a version formatted to fit straight in to your folio.

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