You know what a huge fan I am of Walter Jeans "Million Dollar Mystery" but it's always been a problem that it's really not suitable for touring or real-world performers due to the backdrops and huge size of the prop - not any more!Some time ago I developed "The 99c mystery" a more practical and workable version of his classic effect but now I've gone one further!

On stage is a small wooden chair with a clear view above, below, around and behind. The magician picks up a large shopping bag / small box / garbage can (any similar sized container you like - choose a prop that fits the theme of your show) and rests it on the seat of the chair. Immediately he opens it up and out pops his assistant, followed by another, and another.... and another - a literally endless stream of assistants can appear or vanish at will. You could even make a CEO or random member of the audience vanish or appear inside. EVERYTHING you can do with a traditional Million-Dollar-Mystery you can do with the 99c mystery! It's the perfect illusion for trade shows and corporate events - make the boss appear - emphasize the advantages of a product by using its box to produce demonstrators - you can create a complete customised presentation for just a few $$'s.Now here's the best bit - the 99c Mystery Chair comes complete with a freestanding backdrop so you can perform it anywhere and the WHOLE RIG breaks down so small you could fit it in the back seat of your car!

You can download the complete, detailed, plans for this illusion for just £49.99 - these aren't your usual "magic plans" drawn 30 years ago and missing lots of important information but rather full colour, 14 page, workshop-ready, fully annotated plans that you can hand straight to any craftsman for them to build without any specialist magic knowledge needed. Get your hands on this baffling new illusion now 


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