A practical, portable, angle-proof illusion designed for the most demanding performance environments yet remaining devastatingly deceptive.

Standing on a thin skeleton table is a box that your poor assistant can just squeeze in to. Shutting the door to lock her inside you then dissect the box with 8 huge blades slicing it in to thin slivers and surely shredding your assistant inside. As a final convincer to prove there's absolutely nowhere to hide the centre box is lifted up in the air causing the boxes to zig-zag out in to an arc with clear views between each and every section. The arc is closed, the blades removed and your assistant steps out unharmed and having changed costumes!

Developed as a more practical version of my Cascade illusion this effect adhere's to the Robert Harbin principle of practical illusions that fit through a doorway, instantly reset, create strong visual images yet have plenty of scope for the performer to stamp their own unique presentation and performance on to the prop.


You can download the complete, detailed, plans for this illusion for just £49.99 - these aren't your usual "magic plans" drawn 30 years ago and missing lots of important information but rather full colour, 19 page, workshop-ready, fully annotated plans that you can hand straight to any craftsman for them to build without any specialist magic knowledge needed. Get your hands on this baffling new illusion now 

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