Tom started creating magic and effects working with various designers and advisor's to co-create items in 1991 but it wasn't until he joined Ultimate Magic back in 1996 that he realised he could actually earn a living dreaming up crazy ideas. Starting out designing and developing close-up and small stage effects, by early 1998 he'd been promoted and given the task of launching a range of re-designed classic illusions and stage effects.  It started with a Metamorphosis trunk and built up to 6 classic effects that proved to be hugely popular (more than 60 of his Metamorphosis trunk and 300 of his Re-Engineered Harbin Chair Suspensions have been licensed to date) and gave him the chance to start designing and evolving his own ideas.

Since 1998 he's created more than 40 different original magic effects (and hundreds of variations on them) that have been used by performers and presenters in shows and TV specials across the globe and enabling him to have been lucky enough to work with some of the biggest names in entertainment making some of their wackiest ideas come true in some of the strangest locations you could possibly imagine.

In-depth cross-industry knowledge enables him to incorporate technologies and techniques that revolutionise the way magic is created and performed, whilst always remembering the importance of creating the moment of wonder for audiences. His native design style is minimalist and naturalistic (everyone detests giant glittery boxes and strange looking props) which helps to ensure his creations blend seamlessly in to your show and create a logical magical happening that doesn’t look like it’s been shoe-horned into the performance whilst still delivering the best possible audience reaction.

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