This tale as old as time has seen a real resurgence in popularity since the Disney Film & Musicals set new standards in audience expectation as to how the show should look and feel. No longer will audiences accept a pyro and someone leaping out from behind a piece of scenery as a “magical” transformation, instead they expect movie style effects that leave them open mouthed in wonder….. and that’s exactly what we do.

To date we've designed / created or advised on 9 distinct productions of Beauty & the Beast (with 3 more on their way), from Epic arena productions to the Traditional Fairy Tail, Musical spectaculars to modern dance interpritations and everything in between. Every production has brought with it a unique set of requirements that mean there is no "one-size-fits-all" solution for creating the spectacular effects that form the very heart of this production.
It’s traditionally thought that the final battle and transformation sequences require a double to achieve the effect, but due to cost restraints and casting complications that’s not always possible. With this in mind in one production we created a hybrid transformation that eliminated the need for human doubles and took the effect to a whole new level, quite literally! As he lay dying on the battlements atop his castle the Beast utters the magic words that will finally break the spell, twinkles of magic light (our own proprietary LED system) ripple thru his body and all around him – it’s what REAL magic should look like – and his limp body slowly starts to rise up in the air. It floats up and down, twisting and turning as the crescendo of lights grow. He floats across the stage and even out in to the audience before turning to an upright position and in a final twist melts away in to twinkle of pure lights.
A distraught Belle watches all this happen as suddenly more magical twinkles form around her and the Prince now appears by her side as the spell is finally broken and true love wins out.
This system could be used in any lighting, in almost any stage format and created a truly beautiful and mind-blowing effect sequence and is just one of the many innovative effects solutions we've come up with for this classic story over the years.


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